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L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris on ANY ONE (1) L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference or Excellence haircolor product

exp: 1/2/2020


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Product UPC
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, UL61 Hi-Lift Ash Brown 0007124925343
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, Dark Ash Blonde 7A 0007124925315
Permanent Color, Warmer, Light Chestnut Brown 6CB 0007124921835
Permanent Color, Warmer, Medium Chestnut Brown 5CB 0007124921836
Permanent Color, Sun Kissed Caramels, Cooler, Hi-Lift Natural Brown, UL51 0007124921878
Permanent Haircolor, with Shine Serum, Warmer, Hi-Lift Gold Brown UL63 0007124921879
Permanent Haircolor, Warmer, 9GR Light Reddish Blonde 0007124925327
Permanent Haircolor, Warmer, Dark Mahogany Brown 4M 0007124915825
Permanent Haircolor, with Shine Serum, Ultimate Black 1 0007124915494
Permanent Color, with Shine Serum, Warmer, Lightest Auburn 7LA 0007124925316
Permanent Haircolor, with Shine Serum, Warmer, Dark Soft Mahogany Brown 4SM 0007124915826
Permanent Haircolor, Medium Chestnut Brown 5CB 0007124915828
Permanent Color, Triple Protection, Dark Chocolate Brown 4AR 0007124912145
Permanent Color, Triple Protection, Extra Light Natural Blonde 02 0007124921082
Permanent Haircolor, Natural Black 3 0007124921051
Permanent Haircolor, Dark Ash Brown 4A 0007124915426
Triple Protection Color Creme, Level 3 Permanent, Dark Golden Brown 4G 0007124903316
Permanent Haircolor, Creme, Mocha Ash Brown 5AB 0007124912143
Permanent Haircolor, Dark Mahogany Red 4RM 0007124924737
Permanent Color, Paris Lumiere, Chic Auburn Brown 6AB 0007124927676
Permanent Haircolor, with Shine Serum, Cooler, Deep Blue Black 1BL 0007124934031
Hair Color, Permanent, Cool Darkest Brown 3C 0007124932921
Permanent Haircolor, Warmer, 6AM Light Amber Brown 0007124925340
Permanent Hair Color, Dark Rose Blonde 7RB 0007124935978
Permanent Hair Color, Medium Rose Blonde 8RB 0007124935977
L'Oreal Preference Soft & Silver Blonde 0007124938324
Triple Protection Color, Dark Golden Blonde 7G 0007124921066
Permanent Haircolor, Warmer, Red Penny 7R 0007124921067
Permanent Color, Lightest Natural Blonde 9-1/2 NB 0007124925330
Permanent Color, Natural, Soft Black 3 0007124925302
Permanent Haircolor, Natural, Dark Brown 4 0007124925303
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, Medium Ash Brown 5A 0007124925307
Colorant, Natural, Medium Brown 5 0007124925306
Colorant, Rich Luminous Conditioning, Natural, Light Brown 6 0007124925310
Colorant, Rich Luminous Conditioning, High Tenacity Dyes, Light Auburn/Warmer 6R 0007124925312
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, Medium Ash Blonde 7-1/2A 0007124925318
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, Ash Blonde 8A 0007124925320
Permanent Color, Warmer, Golden Blonde 8G 0007124925322
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, Champagne Blonde 8-1/2A 0007124925323
Permanent Haircolor, Natural, 9 Natural Blonde 0007124925324
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, 9A Light Ash Blonde 0007124925325
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, Lightest Ash Blonde 9-1/2A 0007124925328
Permanent Haircolor, Natural, Dark Blonde 7 0007124925314
Permanent Haircolor, Natural, Medium Blonde 8 0007124925319
Hair Color, Triple Protection Color, Lightest, Natural Blonde, 9-1/2 NB 0007124921073
Colorant, Warmer, Medium Golden Brown 5G 0007124925308
Permanent Color, Cooler, Extra Light Ash Blonde, LB01 0007124925361
Haircolor, Permanent, Natural, Extra Light Natural Blonde LB02 0007124925362
Permanent Haircolor, Natural, 10NB Ultra Natural Blonde 0007124925334
Triple Protection Color, Medium Blonde 8 0007124921069
Colorant, Warmer, Medium Auburn 5MB 0007124925309
Permanent Color, Triple Protection, Medium Ash Blonde 7-1/2A 0007124921068
Triple Protection Color, Medium Golden Blonde 8G 0007124921072
Triple Protection Color Creme, Level 3 Permanent, Light Ash Blonde/Cooler 9A 0007124921076
Permanent Color, Cooler, Dark Beige Blonde 7BB 0007124921065
Permanent Haircolor, Cooler, Dark Ash Brown 4A 0007124925304
Triple Protection Color, Light Golden Brown 6G 0007124921061
Triple Protection Color, Light Auburn 6R 0007124921062
Hair Color, Triple Protection Color, Lightest, Ultimate Blonde, 10 0007124921080
Permanent Haircolor, Dark Brown 4 0007124921052
Permanent Haircolor, Warmer, RR04 Intense Dark Red 0007124925351
Permanent Haircolor, Medium Brown 5 0007124921055
Permanent Color, Triple Protection, Light Ash Brown 6A 0007124921060
Permanent Haircolor, Creme, Dark Blonde 7 0007124921064
Permanent Haircolor, Champagne Blonde 8-1/2A 0007124921074
Permanent Haircolor, Warmer, Light Golden Blonde 9G 0007124925326
Triple Protection Color, Light Reddish Brown 6RB 0007124921063
Permanent Haircolor, Creme, Light Brown 6 0007124921059
Permanent Haircolor, Light Natural Blonde 9 0007124921075
Colorant, Warmer, Dark Auburn 4R 0007124925305
Permanent Color, Intense Red Copper RR07 Warmer 0007124925353
Permanent Haircolor, Warmer, Medium Golden Brown 5G 0007124921057
Permanent Haircolor, Creme, Medium Reddish Brown 5RB 0007124921058
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