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Product UPC
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Apple Crisp Twist 00818290010100
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Honey Crunch Bunch 00818290010117
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Peanut Butter Cup 00818290010124
Yogurt, Greek, Whole Milk, Pure Pear & Honey 00818290010148
Yogurt, Greek, Whole Milk, Pure Cherry 00818290010247
Yogurt, Greek, Whole Milk, Pure Raspberry 00818290010254
Yogurt, Greek, Whole Milk, Pure Blueberry 00818290010261
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Cinnamon Bun Fun 00818290010704
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Carrot Cake Creation 00818290010711
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, S'more S'mores 00818290010735
Yogurt, Greek, Whole Milk, Pure Pineapple 00818290010742
Yogurt, Greek, Whole Milk, Pure Strawberry 00818290010773
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Mixed Berry Morning 00818290011015
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Sunrisin' Raisin 00818290011022
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Blueberry B-Fast 00818290011039
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Mint Chocolate Chip 00818290011046
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Perfect Peach Cobbler 00818290011053
Yogurt, Vanilla Chocolate & Cream 00818290011428
Greek Yogurt, Less Sugar, Low-Fat, Madagascar Vanilla & Cinnamon 00818290011473
Greek Yogurt, Less Sugar, Low-Fat, Wild Blueberry 00818290011480
Greek Yogurt, Less Sugar, Low-Fat, Monterey Strawberry 00818290011497
Greek Yogurt, Less Sugar, Low-Fat, Gili Cherry 00818290011503
Greek Yogurt, Less Sugar, Low-Fat, Alphonso Mango 00818290011510
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Buttercrunch Blast 00818290011558
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Cookies & Cream 00818290011565
Yogurt, Honey & Cream 00818290011589
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, with Strawberry Rhubarb on the Bottom 00818290011596
Greek Yogurt, Less Sugar, Low-Fat, Clingstone Peach 00818290011831
Greek Yogurt, Less Sugar, Low-Fat, Willamette Raspberry 00818290011848
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Strawberry Cheesecake 00818290011961
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Strawberry Sunrise 00818290012265
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Key Lime Crumble 00818290012272
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat Almond Coco Loco 00818290012289
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Vanilla Golden Crunch 00818290012296
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Blueberry Power 00818290012470
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Pistachio Paradise 00818290012487
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Tropical Daybreak 00818290012494
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, with Apricot on the Bottom 00818290012586
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, with Blackberry on the Bottom 00818290012593
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Nutty for 'Nana 00818290012609
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Blended with Key Lime 00818290012715
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Blended with Coconut 00818290012739
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Strawberry Blended 00818290013132
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Blueberry Blended 00818290013149
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Peach Blended 00818290013156
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Vanilla Blended 00818290013163
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Black Cherry Blended 00818290013187
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Pineapple Blended 00818290013330
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Strawberry Sunrise 00818290013491
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Clover Honey 00818290013606
Yogurt, Greek, PB&J 00818290013842
Yogurt, Greek, Low-fat, Raspberry Lemonade 00818290013859
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Pink Grapefruit Blended 00818290013866
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Pineapple Coconut Blended 00818290013897
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Key Lime Blended 00818290013903
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Apple Cinnamon 00818290013910
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Banana Maple 00818290013927
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Blueberry 00818290013934
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Cranberry 00818290013941
Yogurt, Greek, Sriracha Mango 00818290013996
Yogurt, Greek, Chipotle Pineapple 00818290014009
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Mixed Berry Ancient Grains 00818290014146
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Apricot Ancient Grains 00818290014153
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Blended, Tropical Citrus 00818290014191
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Raspberry Lemon Blended 00818290014207
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Salted Caramel Crunch 00818290014245
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Chocolate Haze Craze 00818290014252
Yogurt, Coffee & Cream 00818290014634
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Blended with Mixed Berry 00818290014665
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Peanut Butter Dream 00818290014672
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Coffee Brownie Bliss 00818290014689
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Lemon Meringue Pie 00818290014702
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Peach 00818290014719
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Mixed Red Berry Blended 00818290014733
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Strawberry Banana Blended 00818290014757
Yogurt, Greek, Non-Fat, Mango Passion Fruit Blended 00818290014764
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Raisin Brown Sugar 00818290014917
Yogurt, Greek, Creamy Blended Banana & Cream 00818290015044
Yogurt, Coconut Based, Peach 00818290016379
Yogurt, Coconut Based, Slightly Sweet Plain 00818290016386
Yogurt, Coconut Based, Blueberry 00818290016393
Yogurt, Coconut Based, Strawberry 00818290016409
Yogurt, Coconut Based, Vanilla 00818290016416
Yogurt, Vanilla Greek, Low Fat, with Cashew Butter 00818290016546
Yogurt, Greek, Low-Fat, Chocolate 00818290016553
Yogurt, Greek, Boston Cream Pie 00818290016577
Yogurt, Greek, Peaches & Cream Blended 00818290016607
Yogurt, Greek, Cookie Dough 00818290016652
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