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Product UPC
Potato Chips, New York Cheddar 00084114009944
Chips, Yogurt & Green Onion 00084114009951
Potato Chips, Sea Salt & Vinegar 00084114009968
Potato Chips, Organic, Sea Salt 00084114009975
Potato Chips, Sea Salt 00084114009982
Potato Chips, Unsalted 00084114009999
Peanut Butter, Organic, Creamy, Unsalted 00084114020765
Almond Butter, Creamy, Lightly Salted 00084114027054
Almond Butter, Crunchy, Lightly Salted 00084114027153
Cashew Butter, Creamy, Unsalted 00084114027504
Potato Chips, Honey Dijon 00084114030702
Potato Chips, Sea Salt 00084114032386
Potato Chips, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper 00084114032409
Tortilla Chips, Yellow Corn 00084114045003
Tortilla Chips, Organic, Little Dippers 00084114046000
Tortilla Chips, Organic, Five Grain Yellow Corn 00084114046055
Tortilla Chips, Organic, Blue Corn 00084114046208
Tortilla Chips, Organic, Sesame Blue Moons 00084114046253
Tortilla Chips, Organic, Brown Rice & Black Bean with Garlic & Onion 00084114046307
Tortilla Chips, Sesame Rye with Caraway 00084114046352
Gourmet Baked Potato Chips, Lightly Salted 00084114080004
Krisps, Low Fat, French Onion 00084114080400
Krisps, Low Fat, Mustard & Honey 00084114080707
Gourmet Baked Potato Chips, Hickory Barbeque 00084114080905
Potato Chips, Organic, Country Style Barbeque 00084114100061
Chips, Roasted Red Pepper with Goat Cheese 00084114105967
Potato Chips, Organic, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper 00084114105974
Tortilla Chips, Organic, Fire Roasted Chili 00084114105981
All Natural Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Lightly Salted 00084114107022
Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper 00084114107077
Potato Chips, Sea Salt 00084114108128
Potato Chips, New York Cheddar 00084114108135
Potato Chips, Sea Salt & Vinegar 00084114108142
Potato Chips, Honey Dijon 00084114108159
Potato Chips, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, Krinkle Cut 00084114108531
Potato Chips, Dill Pickle 00084114108548
Potato Chips, Carolina BBQ 00084114108555
Hand Cooked Potato Chips, Cheddar Beer 00084114109200
Potato Chips, Spicy Thai 00084114109231
Potato Chips, Baked, Sea Salt 00084114109842
Potato Chips, Aged White Cheddar 00084114109859
Potato Chips, Baked, Olive Oil 00084114109866
Potato Chips, Baked, Hickory Honey Barbeque 00084114109903
Potato Chips, Classic Barbeque 00084114110978
Pretzel Chips, Original 00084114111319
Pretzel Chips, Fully Loaded 00084114111326
Pretzel Chips, Honey Dijon 00084114111333
Chips, Tuscan Three Cheese 00084114111692
Potato Chips, Buffalo Bleu 00084114111722
Pita Chips, Salt & Pepper 00084114112071
Pita Chips, Salt Kissed 00084114112088
Tortilla Chips, Chili Lime 00084114112859
Tortilla Chips, Multi Grain 00084114112866
Tortilla Chips, Black Bean 00084114112873
Tortilla Chips, Blue Corn 00084114112910
Tortilla Chips, Yellow Corn 00084114112927
Potato Chips, Buffalo Bleu, Sharing Size 00084114113368
Potato Chips, Backyard Barbeque 00084114113917
Potato Chips, Sour Cream and Onion 00084114113931
Potato Chips, Spicy Thai 00084114114396
Potato Chips, Sour Cream and Onion 00084114114464
Potato Chips, Backyard Barbeque 00084114114495
Vegetable Chips, Real, Sweet Potatoes, with Sea Salt 00084114114938
Potato Chips, Himalayan Salt 00084114115003
Potato Chips, Chili Lime 00084114115010
Potato Chips, Himalayan Salt 00084114115027
Potato Chips, Chili Lime 00084114115034
Potato Chips, Hawaiian Barbeque 00084114115188
Potato Chips, Sweet Onion 00084114115553
Potato Chips, Sweet Onion, Sharing Size 00084114115584
Potato Chips, Baked, Sea Salt + Vinegar 00084114115812
Potato Chips, Baked, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper 00084114115850
Potato Chips, Jalapeno, Hot! 00084114116321
Potato Chips, Jalapeno, Hot! 00084114116352
Potato Chips, Cheddar & Sour Cream 00084114117175
Potato Chips, Cheddar & Sour Cream 00084114117199
Potato Chips, Cheddar & Sour Cream 00084114117281
Potato Chips, Fully Loaded Baked Potato 00084114117458
Potato Chips, Fully Loaded Baked Potato 00084114117519
Potato Chips, Sea Salt 00084114118035
Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheddar 00084114118769
Tortilla Chips, Zesty Ranch 00084114118776
Tortilla Chips, Toasted Corn 00084114118783
Tortilla Chips, Salsa Picante 00084114118790
Tortilla Chips, Sweet Baja Barbeque 00084114118806
Tortilla Chips, Chili Con Queso 00084114118813
Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Zesty Ranch 00084114120519
Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Sweet Chili Garlic 00084114121059
Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, 40% Reduced Fat, Sea Salt & Vinegar 00084114121141
Potato Chips, 40% Reduced Fat, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper 00084114121158
Potato Chips, Roasted Garlic 00084114121912
Potato Chips, Red Curry 00084114121936
Potato Chips, Red Curry 00084114121943
Potato Chips, Variety 00084114122865
Potato Chips, Unsalted 00084114123473
Potato Chips, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Party Size 00084114123534
Potato Chips, Jalapeno, Hot! 00084114123572
Potato Chips, Sea Salt 00084114123633
Potato Chips, Jalapeno Jack 00084114123695
Potato Chips, Red Chili 00084114123725
Potato Chips, Cheddar Beer 00084114123756
Potato Chips, Jalapeno Jack 00084114123787
Potato Chips, Red Chili 00084114123817
Potato Chips, Sour Cream & Onion 00084114123923
Potato Chips, Cheddar & Roasted Tomato 00084114123954
Potato Chips, Maple Bacon 00084114124135
Potato Chips, Sweet & Salty 00084114125446
Potato Chips, Maple Bacon 00084114125583
Potato Chips, Sweet & Salty, Sharing Size 00084114125613
Potato Chips, Cheddar Beer 00084114125699
Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Sweet Chili Garlic 00084114126320
Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Sweet Chili Garlic 00084114126399
Potato Chips, Sriracha 00084114126412
Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheese 00084114126474
Tortilla Chips, Zesty Ranch 00084114126481
Tortilla Chips, Salsa Picante 00084114126498
Tortilla Chips, Toasted Corn 00084114126504
Potato Chips, Sriracha 00084114126627
Popcorn, Sea Salt 00084114126702
Popcorn, Salt + Pepper 00084114126719
Popcorn, White Cheddar 00084114126726
Popcorn, Maple Bacon 00084114126733
Popcorn, Sriracha 00084114126740
Potato Chips, Moscow Mule 00084114129567
Potato Chips, Korean BBQ 00084114129581
Potato Chips, Pepperoncini 00084114221971
Potato Chips, Chile Verde 00084114900258
Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Spicy Queso 00084114900425
Potato Chips, Spicy Queso, Krinkle Cut 00084114900432
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