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exp: 10/1/2019


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Product UPC
Giardiniera, Italian Mix 00073214001026
Bell Peppers, Roasted 00073214001040
Peperoncini, Golden Greek 00073214001057
Jalapeno Peppers, Tamed, with Carrots & Onions 00073214001118
Banana Wax Peppers, Hot 00073214001149
Cherry Peppers, Sweet 00073214001156
Wax Peppers, Sweet Banana 00073214001163
Chili Peppers, Hot 00073214001170
Peperoncini, Garlic & Dill Golden 00073214001194
Jalapeno Peppers, Deli-Sliced 00073214001293
Chili Peppers, Hot Serrano 00073214001309
Jalapeno Peppers, Hot, Deli-Sliced 00073214001347
Cherry Peppers, Hot, Deli-Sliced 00073214001422
Pepper Strips, Roasted Bell, Mild, Deli Sliced 00073214001446
Pepper Sandwich Strips, Sweet Bell, Deli-Sliced 00073214001453
Peppers, Roasted, Yellow & Red, Marinated Sweet, Mild 00073214001460
Peperoncini, Golden Greek, Deli-Sliced 00073214001606
Pepper Rings, Deli-Sliced, Mild 00073214001620
Pepper Rings, Hot, Deli-Sliced 00073214001712
Red Bell Peppers, Fire-Roasted 00073214002504
Jalapeno Peppers, Hot, Sliced 00073214002511
Hot Chili Peppers, Fresh Pack 00073214003228
Peperoncini, Imported Golden Greek 00073214003280
Roasted Bell Pepper Strips & Caramelized Onions 00073214003600
Bell Pepper Strips, Roasted, Tri-Color 00073214003617
Fire Roasted Jalapenos, with Chipotle Peppers 00073214003624
Jalapeno Pepper Ring, Sweet & Hot 00073214003648
Pepper Rings, Sweet & Hot 00073214003655
Pepper Rings, Rosemary & Garlic, Mild 00073214003662
Jalapeno Peppers, Diced 00073214003679
Pepper, Red, Hot Chili 00073214003730
Jalapeno Peppers, Hot, Deli-Sliced 00073214004607
Jalapeno Peppers, Deli-Sliced, Tamed 00073214004614
Peperoncini, Deli-Sliced, Golden Greek 00073214004621
Pepper Rings, Deli-Sliced, Mild 00073214004638
Bell Peppers, Roasted 00073214005284
Peppers, Green Chili, Fire-Roasted, Mild 00073214005307
Peppers, Green Chili, Fire-Roasted, Hot 00073214005314
Peppers, Jalapeno, Tamed Diced 00073214005321
Jalapenos, Fire-Roasted, Tamed 00073214005338
Jalapeno Peppers, with Carrots & Onions, Hot 00073214006014
Chili Peppers, Hot, With Carrots & Onions, Mexican Style 00073214006465
Golden Pepperocini 00073214006687
Chili Peppers, Green, Mild Fire-Roasted 00073214006908
Chili Peppers, Green, Hot Fire-Roasted 00073214006915
Bell Peppers, Roasted 00073214008209
Peppers, Habanero 00073214008308
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