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Challenge Butter

Challenge Butter on any ONE (1) Challenge Butter product

exp: 7/30/2019


Disclaimer:* CONSUMER: Limit one coupon per purchase of product described. Any other use constitutes fraud. Void if copied. Consumer pays sales tax. RETAILER: Challenge will reimburse you at face value plus $.08 handling provided you and the consumer have complied with the offer terms. Cash value 1/20 of $.01. Invoices showing purchases sufficient to cover coupons submitted must be presented upon request. For redemption submit coupons to Inmar Dept #47200, 1 Fawcett Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840

Product UPC
Salted Butter 00047200152214
Butter, Unsalted 00047200152405
Butter, Unsalted 00047200152504
Butter, Unsalted, European Style 00047200152542
Butter, with Sea Salt, European Style 00047200152566
Butter, Spreadable, with Canola Oil 00047200152580
Butter, Spreadable, with Canola Oil 00047200152597
Butter 00047200152603
Butter, Spreadable, Flavored with Olive Oil 00047200152610
Butter, Salted 00047200152641
Butter, Unsalted 00047200152665
Butter, Spreadable, Tuscan Style 00047200152689
Butter, Salted 00047200152702
Spreadable Butter, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper 00047200152719
Butter, Spreadable, Flavored with Olive Oil 00047200152788
Butter, Spreadable, with Canola Oil 00047200152795
Butter, Lactose Free, Clarified Butter with Canola Oil 00047200152801
Butter, Whipped, Unsalted 00047200153259
Butter, Whipped, with Sea Salt 00047200153303
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