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Old El Paso™ when you buy TWO Old El Paso™ products (excludes Old El Paso™ seasoning, refrigerated, and produce products)

exp: 7/14/2019


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Product UPC
Dinner Kit, Taco 00046000279251
Dinner Kit, Soft Taco 00046000287324
Dinner Kit, Gordita 00046000287331
Taco Dinner Kit, Crunchy 00046000287355
Taco Dinner Kit, Stand 'n Stuff 00046000287362
Dinner Kit, Enchilada 00046000287393
Dinner Kit, Burrito 00046000287416
Taco Shells 00046000295480
Taco Dinner Kits, Hard & Soft, Value 00046000295497
Tortilla Shells, Crispy Flour 00046000363578
Black Beans, Seasoned 00046000406169
Rice, Mexican 00046000406213
Refried Beans, Black Bean 00046000413594
Dinner Kit, Taco Boats, Soft Tortilla 00046000431659
Meal Starter, Mesquite Chicken 00046000434384
Taco Dinner Kit, Soft, Beef Carne Asada, Mild 00046000444635
Stand 'n Stuff Shells, Spicy Cheddar, Bold 00046000467139
Taco Shells, Blue Corn 00046000493824
Tortillas, Seasoned Flour, Southwest 00046000494050
Enchilada Sauce, Mild Green Chile, Value Size 00046000721828
Tacos, Hard & Soft 00046000812151
Dinner Kit, Taco 00046000814117
Dinner Kit, Soft Taco 00046000814216
Beans, Refried, Traditional 00046000821214
Refried Beans, Traditional, Value Size 00046000821313
Refried Beans, Green Chiles 00046000821610
Spanish Rice 00046000823416
Cheesy Mexican Rice 00046000823614
Green Chiles, Chopped 00046000832517
Refried Beans, Vegetarian 00046000843513
Taco Sauce, Mild 00046000850115
Taco Sauce, Mild 00046000850214
Taco Sauce, Hot 00046000850412
Taco Sauce, Medium 00046000851310
Jalapeno Slices, Pickled 00046000852812
Salsa, Thick 'n Chunky, Medium 00046000855417
Enchilada Sauce, Red, Mild 00046000860114
Enchilada Sauce, Mild 00046000860312
Enchilada Sauce, Red, Mild 00046000860350
Enchilada Sauce, Hot 00046000860510
Cheese 'n Salsa, Mild 00046000866819
Refried Beans, Fat Free 00046000820118
Dinner Kit, Hard & Soft Taco 00046000814247
Taco Shells, Crunchy 00046000811512
Taco Dinner Kit, Bold 00046000453965
Taco Dinner Kit, Soft, Chipotle Chicken, Medium 00046000444628
Cooking Sauce, Mexican, Roasted Tomato, Mild 00046000435749
Cooking Sauce, Mexican, Chipotle, Medium 00046000435732
Cooking Sauce, Mexican, Chile & Roasted Garlic, Mild 00046000435718
Meal Starter, Carne Asada Steak 00046000434391
Tortilla Bowl, Soft, Flour 00046000431512
Meal Starter, Garlic Chili Chicken 00046000423630
Fiesta Rice 00046000406220
Dinner Kit, Fajita 00046000287386
Dinner Kit, Chicken Soft Taco 00046000287379
Tortillas, Flour, for Burritos 00046000273426
Tortillas, Flour 00046000273419
Taco Shells, with a Hint of Lime, White Corn 00046000101514
Enchilada Sauce, Mild 00046000721835
Cheese n' Salsa Dip, Medium 00046000866918
Enchilada Sauce, Medium 00046000861210
Enchilada Sauce, Mild Green Chile 00046000861012
Salsa, Thick N' Chunky, Gotta Have Hot 00046000853413
Taco Sauce, Medium 00046000851419
Taco Sauce, Hot 00046000850313
Green Chiles, Chopped, Mild 00046000833316
Green Chiles, Whole 00046000832012
Tostada Shells 00046000812014
Taco Shells, Super Stuffer, Extra Large 00046000811819
Taco Shells, Crunchy White Corn 00046000811215
Taco Shells, Crunchy 00046000811017
Taco Boats, Flour Tortilla, Mini 00046000477640
Tortillas, Taco Boats, Whole Wheat 00046000474298
Taco Boats, Flour Tortilla, Mini 00046000466026
Taco Shells, Ranch Flavored, Bold 00046000458182
Taco Shells, Nacho Cheese, Bold 00046000453958
Taco Dinner Kit, Hard & Soft, Stand 'n Stuff/Taco Boats 00046000450629
Taco Dinner Kit, Soft, Baja Fish, Mild 00046000444642
Taco Dinner Kit, Hard & Soft 00046000287348
Dinner Kit, Soft Taco Bake 00046000287317
Taco Shells 00046000279183
Refried Beans, Spicy, Fat Free 00046000843315
Salsa, Thick N' Chunky, Mild 00046000855318
Salsa, Thick n' Chunky, Medium 00046000853314
Salsa, Thick 'n Chunky, Mild 00046000853215
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