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exp: 6/14/2019


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Product UPC
Yogurt, Lowfat, Strawberry 00070470001005
Yogurt, Lowfat, Key Lime Pie 00070470001074
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Strawberry Mist 00070470001098
Yogurt, Lowfat, Vanilla 00070470001128
Yogurt, Lowfat, Strawberry Banana 00070470001159
Yogurt, Lowfat, Peaches 'N Cream 00070470001234
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Peaches 'N Cream Flavored 00070470001265
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Raspberry Mousse 00070470001272
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Key Lime Pie 00070470001289
Yogurt, Lowfat, Mousse, Orange Creme Flavored 00070470001296
Yogurt, Lowfat, Blackberry Harvest 00070470001357
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Lemon Burst 00070470002699
Yogurt, Low Fat, Strawberry 00070470003009
Yogurt, Low Fat, Red Raspberry 00070470003016
Yogurt, Low Fat, Mountain Blueberry 00070470003023
Yogurt, Low Fat, Cherry Orchard 00070470003030
Yogurt, Low Fat, Lemon Burst 00070470003061
Yogurt, Low Fat, Harvest Peach 00070470003078
Yogurt, Lowfat, Pineapple 00070470003085
Yogurt, Low Fat, Mixed Berry 00070470003108
Yogurt, Low Fat, Pina Colada 00070470003122
Yogurt, Low Fat, Strawberry Banana 00070470003139
Yogurt, Lowfat, Strawberry Kiwi 00070470003177
Yogurt, Low Fat, Orange Creme 00070470003191
Yogurt, Low Fat, Key Lime Pie 00070470003214
Yogurt, Low Fat, French Vanilla 00070470003238
Yogurt, Low Fat, Strawberry Cheesecake 00070470003252
Yogurt, Lowfat, Strawberry Mango 00070470003290
Yogurt, Low Fat, Blackberry Harvest 00070470003306
Yogurt, Fat Free, Blackberry 00070470006369
Yogurt, Fat Free, Apple Turnover Flavored 00070470006383
Yogurt, Fat Free, Orange Creme 00070470006413
Yogurt, Fat Free, Very Vanilla 00070470006437
Yogurt, Fat Free, Strawberry Orange Sunrise Flavored 00070470006475
Yogurt, Fat Free, Strawberry 00070470006505
Yogurt, Fat Free, Red Raspberry 00070470006512
Yogurt, Fat Free, Blueberry Patch 00070470006529
Yogurt, Fat Free, Very Cherry 00070470006536
Yogurt, Fat Free, Strawberries 'n Bananas 00070470006543
Yogurt, Fat Free, Harvest Peach 00070470006550
Yogurt, Fat Free, Banana Cream Pie 00070470006574
Yogurt, Fat Free, Apricot Mango Sorbet 00070470006581
Yogurt, Fat Free, Boston Cream Pie 00070470006611
Yogurt, Fat Free, Lemon Cream Pie Flavored 00070470006642
Yogurt, Fat Free, Key Lime Pie 00070470006659
Yogurt, Fat Free, White Chocolate Strawberry 00070470006680
Yogurt, Mousse, Thin Mints 00070470118420
Yogurt, Lowfat, Original, Caramel Coconut 00070470122663
Yogut, Mousse, Peanut Butter Chocolate 00070470125350
Yogurt Mousse, Dunkin', Cinnamon Coffee Roll 00070470146591
Yogurt Mousse, Dunkin', French Vanilla Latte 00070470147390
Yogurt, Nonfat, French Vanilla 00070470178783
Yogurt, Fat Free, Strawberry 00070470180816
Yogurt, Fat Free, Key Lime Pie 00070470180823
Yogurt, Fat Free, Lemon Meringue 00070470180830
Yogurt, Lowfat, Mango 00070470196596
Yogurt, Lowfat, Cherry Pomegranate 00070470262871
Yogurt, Fat Free, Strawberry Shortcake 00070470271019
Yogurt, Fat Free, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake 00070470271040
Yogurt, Fat Free, Raspberry Lemonade 00070470271057
Yogurt, Fat Free, Raspberry Cheesecake 00070470271064
Yogurt, Fat Free, Vanilla Cherry 00070470271095
Yogurt, Fat Free, Black Forest Cake 00070470277424
Yogurt Mousse, Vanilla Creme 00070470278315
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Chocolate 00070470284477
Yogurt Mousse, Chocolate Mousse Style, Chocolate Raspberry 00070470284491
Yogurt, Low Fat, Tropical 00070470408538
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Mango 00070470408545
Yogurt, 99% Fat Free, Strawberry Lemonade 00070470416427
Yogurt, Lowfat, Original, Boston Cream Pie 00070470416434
Yogurt, Fat Free, Blueberry Pie 00070470420240
Yogurt, Fat Free, Red Velvet Cake 00070470420271
Yogurt, Fat Free, Light, Triple Berry Torte 00070470425160
Yogurt, Fat Free, Cherry Cobbler 00070470433578
Yogurt, Nonfat, Cinnamon Roll 00070470433585
Yogurt, Low Fat, Harvest Peach, 4 Pack 00070470434834
Yogurt, Low Fat, Strawberry 00070470434841
Yogurt Mousse, Lowfat, Cherry Cheesecake 00070470443379
Yogurt, Low Fat, Lactose Free, Strawberry 00070470457253
Yogurt, Lactose Free, Low Fat, French Vanilla 00070470457260
Yogurt, Low Fat, Lactose Free, Peach 00070470457284
Yogurt, Vanilla 00070470469461
Yogurt, Blackberry 00070470469478
Yogurt, Peach 00070470469485
Yogurt, Strawberry 00070470469492
Yogurt, Low Fat, Blackberry Pomegranate 00070470504841
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