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exp: 12/31/2018


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Product UPC
Bacon, Naturally Hickory Smoked, Double Thick Cut 00070800022526
Bacon, Uncured, Naturally Hickory Smoked 00070800023103
Ham, Diced 00070800037193
Ham, Cubed 00070800037209
Ham, Boneless, Hickory Smoked, Sliced 00070800037223
Ham Steak, Boneless, Hickory Smoked 00070800037261
Bacon, Naturally Hickory Smoked, Lower Sodium 00070800040322
Bacon, Naturally Hickory Smoked, Thick Sliced 00070800041046
Bacon, Hometown Original 00070800041183
Bacon, Thick Cut 00070800041251
Bacon, Naturally Cherrywood Smoked, Thick Cut 00070800041268
Bacon Hometown Original 00070800041466
Bacon, 40% Lower Fat 00070800041480
Bacon, Thick Cut 00070800041527
Bacon, Thick Cut, Sea Salt, Applewood Smoked 00070800041701
Ham Steak, Boneless, Hickory Smoked 00070800048793
Ham Steak, Boneless, Honey Cured 00070800048854
Ham Steak, Boneless, Maple Flavored 00070800048861
Ham, Country, Center & End Slices 00070800049141
Ham Chips, Country Cured 00070800071951
Ham, Country, Biscuit Slices 00070800072422
Bacon, Naturally Cherrywood Smoked, Thick Cut 00070800179442
Pork Sausage, Links, Hometown Original 00070800179510
Pork Sausage, Patties, Hometown Original 00070800179527
Breakfast Sausage, Premium Pork, Hometown Original 00070800276790
Breakfast Sausage, Hometown Original 00070800276967
Sausage, Breakfast, Maple 00070800277506
Breakfast Sausage, Bacon Flavor 00070800277513
Pork Sausage Biscuits, Maple, Southern Style 00070800405879
Biscuits, Chicken, Southern Style, Country Recipe 00070800405886
Biscuits, Pork Sausage, Southern Style, Hometown Original 00070800405893
Bacon, Hometown Original, Thick Cut 00070800410507
Bacon, Naturally Cherrywood Smoked, Thick Cut 00070800410606
Bacon, Hometown Original, Thick Cut 00070800410613
Bacon, Thick Cut, Peppered 00070800410705
Country Ham, Center Slices 00070800776887
Bacon, Fully Cooked, Applewood Smoked, Thick Cut 00070800906178
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